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We invite you to experience the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Energy Practice, one of the highest healing techniques offered to humanity in the Soul Light Era.

Dear Soul Performance Family,


We are excited to announce that our weekly Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Practice & Meditation Classes start on 15.03.2022.

Classes will be every Tuesday at 20:00 (UK) 21:00 (CET) 15:00 (ET) & in English.


We will begin the Journey (March 15th-April 15th) by focusing on our

Lower Dan Tien & Strengthening our Foundation to maintain & utilize

our Energy for more Creativity & Abundance in our lives.


There are 5 main Energy Centers in the Body:

1.Lower Dan Tien

2.Snow Mountain Area (Kundalini)

3.Heart Center (Message Center)

4.Zu Qiao

5.Third Eye.

These 5 Energy Centers play a key role for our Health:

Energy, Stamina, Vitality & Immunity

They are key for:

Energy and Blood Flow

Grounding and Maintaining Inner Balance

Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity and Opening Spiritual Channels

That is why we will begin our practices focusing on the most vital Energy Center: Lower Dan Tien. It is our Power House that which holds our Kundalini. It is what gives us energy, vitality and stamina. When the Lower Dan Tien is strong and powerful, we are fully balanced and do not leak energy. We can hold much more life force and utilize our energy for our own wellbeing. Furthermore, it is the Center of Abundance and Creativity.

When our Lower Dan Tien is strong, we can be much more active, focused and motivated for other projects, which in return would bring prosperity in all that we do.

For this month’s practice we will work with Tao Calligraphy DA CHANG SHENG (Greatest Abundance £ Flourishing). Da Chang Sheng is the Tao Calligraphy of Lower Dan Tien and by practicing with it you will be able to activate your creative powers to generate wealth and abundance, as well as building your energy to

empower your whole being.

In each class, you will have the chance to Trace ‘Da Chang Sheng’, Meditate with it and receive its Blessing.

I invite you to join a 4-week practice in 3 different options:



25 GBP


75 GBP
60 GBP

75 minutes of Teaching & Practice Session

Tao Calligraphy Da Chang Sheng (Greatest Abundance) Meditation

This option carries all services of the Monthly Pass; with a reduced honour fee where you invite a friend and register to the monthly classes together.

Both friends will have a 15 GBP discount and will pay only 60 GBP

for the monthly program.

75 minutes of Teaching & Practice Session


Tao Calligraphy Da Chang Sheng (Greatest Abundance) Meditation


Video Recording of Practice Session for you to practice daily


One Extra session for Tao Calligraphy Blessing


DA ZHU FU (Greatest Wishes to Bring Luck)


Normally one Tao Chang Blessing honour fee is 100 GBP.

Monthly pass participants will receive an extra Special Blessing (Da Zhu Fu) that will be transmitted through Master Sha’s Sacred White Book of Tao Calligraphy.

If you have any further questions, please email Aylin Dogan:


With our Greatest Love & Gratitude


Aylin Dogan & Soul Performance Team.

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